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January 2016


Anyone using Project Life® or pocket scrapping for their 2016 scrapbooks this year? I am! I love the Project Life® App on my iPhone and it is what helped me stay up-to-date in 2015 - so I'm using it again for 2016.


I had used the weekly date cards (where you can type in the dates) that were in the 2015 Project 52 kit in the app, for 2015 - but for 2016 I wanted date cards that were neutral and didn't have color so they would look good with any layout.


I also liked having my weeks go Monday-Sunday - to keep the weekends together.


So I designed my own cards for 2016.


The calendar templates you can find by Marisa Lerin, owner of PixelScrapper.com HERE.


I added the gray dots to indicate which week/days, and also typed in the rest of the date info, and finished

off the card designs with a bit of speckled background. It would be easy to change the overall color of these

in photoshop.


Below is a sample of the first 5 weeks and week 10, to show how the overlap of months looks.


They are FREE to download and use as you'd like HERE. The way I did them there is 53 weeks. Enjoy!

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