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Taking a Break from Digital Scrapbook Design and Photography


So I'm changing things around, as life has a way of doing that to a person.


I prayed A LOT about this decision...


Digital scrapbooking design and photography slowly became more than hobbies the last few years -- making a little income from them -- however, I have to tone them BOTH back to hobby status... for now.


I still madly love and adore Pixel Scrapper! I feel a huge sense of "home" there - but I'm stepping down as a regular designer... for now. Maybe things will change in the future and my time will be shifted yet again - and allow for consistent time to digital scrapbook design. If that happens - Marisa and Jordan will be the FIRST people notified :) and just maybe they will have space for me. However, for now -- well, I guess I'd rather just look at it as taking a break :)


Paying It Forward


I'm sure, usually, when a designer isn't consistently designing, or leaves a company, there designs go with them. But I'm not going anywhere else and I'd like for my designs to be available. I just can't design new stuff right now.


So - just because I'm taking a break, doesn't mean my designs have to go away. I'd like to pay-it-forward and starting in 2014 - I want any income my designs on Pixel Scrapper bring in, to go to Marisa and Jordan. :)


I've already discussed with them - so everything is all set. Marisa and Jordan are two very kind and hard-working people - and I'm excited to see what 2014 brings for them and Pixel Scrapper!


My Scrapbooking Style Evolving


With freeing my time up, I've already been filling it! A lot of that time is doing what most people probably do regularly. Plan meals, clean and organize their homes, doing laundry, having quality family time - and MANY, MANY other things -- and the key is trying to be consistent doing all of those things. I'm NOT there yet - but I'm working on it! Maybe we will have less PB&J (peanut butter and jelly) nights (although I'm not sure my youngest would agree).


With a bit of that time, I'm also going to try and actually get caught up, yes - I mean caught up -- so I can stay up-to-date... eventually, with my personal family scrapbooking.


I used to scrapbook traditionally. Took lots of time and money. Then I discovered digital which was MUCH quicker and cheaper -- and I love my final printed books!


But NOW - I'm mixing things up. Literally. I'm going to still digitally scrapbook some events and other memories are going to be kept with pocket-style scrapbooking.


I'm WAY behind! And after dipping my toes in to try out pocket-scrapbooking - I was hooked! It is QUICK, neatly/cleanly designed, you don't need adhesive, and I can even mix some digital stuff in too. Just by printing out and sliding in a pocket (hybrid scrapbooking).


Plus, my husband REALLY misses actual printed photos. And I get IT! I find I'm missing them too. So the pocket-style scrapbooking is a wonderful compromise.


However, I'm a graphic designer, and I love Photoshop! And there are wonderful digital designs around the world! So there are times where I will do some events still digitally with a final printed book.


Some people may think...yikes, that's too many different styles of scrapbooking and they won't all look nice-and-neat lined up together on a bookshelf because they will be different sizes, colors, etc. ... I USED to think like that too. No longer! Big smiles here! I'm embracing all the different styles and I'm going to scrapbook various events, or day-to-day happenings whichever way (digitally or pocket-style) will make sense to me. Now that "sense" could vary week-to-week, but I'm OK with that :)


Wish me luck!

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Word Circle Stamps

Pocket-Style Scrapbooking


So you already know my first choice for digital products are from Now I want to tell you my choice for pocket-style scrapbooking.


I love Becky Higgins Project Life products! You can read more about her and Project Life at


I had followed her back when I was traditionally scrapbooking and even have some of her books on scrapbooking. At that time, Project Life was not yet realized - she was still working for Creating Keepsakes magazine. Plus, when I switched to digital, I had stopped following the traditional scrapbooking industry.


Funny enough, it was the digital industry that introduced me to Project Life and pocket-style! There are digital scrapbookers that use the page layout design of Project Life for their digital pages.


I really liked the clean, easy approach. I'm not one to embellish like crazy anyway, so I tried this design style out on some of my digital pages. Wow ... and I got done much faster and I was very happy with the way they looked.


Then I bought a few Project Life products and tried some pocket-filling with printed photos - and what fun! Plus it was easy - and no adhesive! :)


So I'm having fun catching up on my scrapbooking utilizing pocket-style scrapbooking - and mixing in some digital happiness too :)

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